Warhammer 40k 8th Edition, Morale

Saltometer: None needed once again!


Morale is now a phase, taken once per turn. Any units that suffered casualties in a turn must take a Morale test at the end of it. You just roll a D6, add the number of models from the unit that have been slain, and if the number is bigger than the unit’s Leadership, the unit loses the difference in additional models. Similar to 3rd edition here.

Ouch!!! This is going to hurt. Dark Eldar and Night Lords rejoice! This is a devastating that when combined with the new morale rules mean assaults will be very decisive, On top of this, units such as imperial guard with low morale have to worry about shooting. In all, its a pretty powerful rule, that is going to make the games much faster. I can see fearless playing a very special role in this game and also being a premium price tag for it. A combat unit that is fearless is going to be a real tricky thing to deal with (hello berzerkers). 
Its also worth mentioning that it briefly touches on psychic powers here. Whether its more a fluff moment to represent the damage done to the unit done via a spell like smite, or whether psychic powers are going to have a genuine morale destroying spell, its worth keeping an eye on. 
At the end of the day, i can see armies being based around this special rule and being particularly nasty, and see dark eldar getting the most out of this with so much wargear causing morale damage, it only takes one shooting phase, even if its really poor, to break and run units.
Lastly, marines. Now common sense says they will get some bonus here due to ATSKNF. However it is a common complaint that ATSKNF is too powerful, but we here reckon they will actually lose that. The stat line for marines slightly hints at that, as they even lost a leadership value. This could be a hint that the new super guillimarines will have a higher value or even fearless, adding to the likelihood this will be a very small, very elite army with high cost pts wise miniatures to make a lower cost money wise army for new players to get into with less rules to remember. Interesting times.

O, D and W. 


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