Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition. Movement!

Again, no need for a Saltometer here!

Movement will now be a characteristic, just like it was up to 2nd edition! Nice and simple to realize. Running is now in the movement phase too, nice and easy also, in fact a lot of people did this already. If you’re in combat at the start of your turn, you can Fall Back by moving away from the enemy. You’ll lose the ability to advance, shoot or charge that turn, and crucially, enemies will be able to shoot at you!

Ok, so the movement being a characteristic makes sense. It used to be that way and is going back to that way. It should always have been that an eldar moves faster than a guardsman, and its great that its coming back. I think this will be a huge boone to a lot of combat armies who i reckon will end up faster from this. Eldar and Dark Eldar are going to get a lot scarier from this. Speculation is that faster movement models will get a better sweeping advance rule (a rumour is floating around that it will be a d6 and movement value. Take with 3 pinches of salt). 
Running in the movement phase is actually something I find kind of pointless. Why? Because although people already do it, it means you have to keep track on who ran (or now advanced is the new word for the rule) each turn. It just adds another unnecessary thing to remember, whilst when it was in the shooting phase you didnt need to remember on top.
The last one, falling back by moving away from the enemy. This is a big one, especially for shooting armies. I imagine this is to balance out the fact that assault just got so much nastier, as tau are already likely very worried over the new assault rules! It also means that making one mistake and having a unit caught up in combat is no longer an automatic loss for armies such as that. It also means its now easier to keep commanders or characters free from harm as they can simply exit combats they need to get out from.
Finally, it means an easy escape from a walker such as a dreadnought, which many armies would much rather not get caught up in. 
Some players were upset that it means the end of tactical combat decisions such as getting into an assault that will last into an opponents turn to save a unit from being shot at. Unfortunately this is true, meaning assault will have to be a much more tactical decision. However the unit doing this becomes useless for a turn, and we still dont know if more penalties will be applied. On top of this, with the new rules for morale, anyone losing combat is very unlikely to survive it anyway.

Anyhow, thats our take on the rules. What do you think?
O, D and W. 


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