Warhammer 40k 8th Edition News: Characters!

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Wow, this is a change, and one we reported on earlier! So, lets recap what I said last time:
 Immediately, not a fan of this. Characters hiding and leading units in 40k has been an integral part of the game since the get go, and to see it go will cause a lot of issues, especially as a lot of characters boost stats or abilities of units there in, especially psykers. HOWEVER, not being able to be targeted unless they are really close or nearest target DOES mean shooty characters are now amongst the best things you can take in game. Take a Vindicare with these rules and the dodge rule above and youl never see it die. In the same vein, this is a horrific nerf to combat characters. They WANT to be within 12" of there target to charge, and if you are indeed starting 18" away its not going to be hard to get in range to snipe this character now. Even if in your turn you move up to be just over 12" away so next turn you can get a move and good charge, your enemy needs to only move once to be able to snipe you, taking the tactical nature of characters out the game and setting them up to be expensive victory points to your opponent. Unless your guy has a jump pack, this is a horrible rule, and we here very much hope and believe its simply not true. 
So now we actually have confirmation that this is how it works, most of my comments still stand. We also now know that sniper weapons can snipe characters with impunity. Ask anyone who ran mephiston in the 6th edition codex what its like to run a character outside a unit. On the flip side, characters will likely have area of affect buffs, so in some cases this can also make them stronger, being able to affect more units than previous if you bunch them all up near your character, which you can now get away with as there is no giant templates being flung around. Itl be an interesting change, but it works for age of sigmar, so I guess we will see how it goes on the tabletop.

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