Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition, Profiles!

Ok, so no need for a Saltometer for this one, we know its real!

So, the first teaser! The first change is no more initiative! More on that in a bit. After that, solid stats for to hit in both melee and shooting. Big changes!

Ok, lets address these one at a time. First we will go for shooting. Its the most sensical of the changes as there wasn't really any penalties rolling to hit in the first place, so rolling to hit was usually a flat result. So really its no different to current, just getting rid of a table.
Now, to hit in combat, this is a big change. On top of this we now know 2+ to hit is coming in, meaning some things will now be much  better in combat! This also means a fair few units get better in melee. Marines, for example, now hit in combat on a flat 3, a much better improvement! And will mean likely that guardsman now have much better odds to hit some of the higher up guys. All in all, this makes combat a far deadlier place to be.
Lastly, initiative. Now this is major, as a lot of armies rely on initiative. Slaanesh, eldar etc. In Horus Heresy, it makes almost all the rules and wargear of the Emperors Children utterly useless, along with custodes abilities. So this causes a lot of problems, and total incompatibility with a lot of HH rules. As we found out, charging is what gives you initiative, though some wargear appears to also change the order. I think, until we see full rules we will not fully understand these rules.
But what about what we do know? The order can be flexible, certain combat units will be faster (howling banshees etc), and charging is now much easier. This means assault will be FAR bloodier, and dedicated combat units (ork boyz) no longer have to worry about losing people before they get a chance to strike.

So, in our opinion:
Assault has gotten nastier but more tactical with this.
The flat to hit rolls in assault buff combat for all participants and makes a lot of sense.
The to hit roll for ranged makes simple sense.

So, thanks from us and onto the next one! O, D and W.


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