Warhammer 40k, 8th edition: Psychic Phase and mortal wounds!

Saltometer: Not needed for this!


Overview: Psychic phase has a total overhaul. Each time you pick a psyker, you can cast as many spells as their datasheet states (which would previously be the same as their Mastery Level) and there’s a simpler, two-dice mechanic for casting, you just need to beat the warp charge value. The more potent the power, the harder it will be to cast.(aka, age of sigmar casting mechanic). Enemy psykers will then have a chance to block these powers if they are within 24″, and again, the mastery of the psyker will dictate how often they can block a power each turn. You will be able to select rather than roll for powers. Oh and Perils is still there. 

Side overview: Mortal wounds are in, which ignore armour and invuns!

Tactica: Well, this is going to cause a lot of division. Whilst yes, super psykers like magnus wont need batteries, it also means they will likely be limited as they are cut off from said batteries, meaning far less output. On the flipside, units that previously acted as batteries will now all get the chance to use powers. 
The way we see it is simple, super psykers are no longer that scary. But an army of low level psykers, that is very scary. When you select powers, magnus wont be that much point choosing over Ahriman or such, when you select powers you will be burdened with a high cost model just to have to also select some more useless spells, when for a fraction of the cost youl get the same output with someone like ahriman who can also pick the powers that you need. But an army like thousand sons or grey knights, who all get to select their own powers to tailor themselves to their task is very effective, countering the higher points cost and maximising their potential. 
In 30k, should these rules fly, expect to see thousand sons armies with the amazing Osiron pattern dreadnought finding a great new purpose being a low level psyker that will select its power and be harder to kill with new dread rules.
In 40k, expect to see furioso librarians aplenty in this new edition. 
All in all, as stated above, the long and the short of it is uber psykers appear to have gotten a soft nerf, whilst armies of psykers a much needed most.

Mortal Wounds tactica:
This is only brief, as its a simple thing to cover. Mortal wounds are unsavable at all. An all psyker army spamming low level psykers can utilize this with the smite rule easily, and cause mass damage very easily. For everyone else, I expect this to be the new D weapon rule, especially as the smite second casting ability is very akin to magnus 30k rules.

O, D and W. 


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