Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition Rumours: Dark Eldar!

Saltometer: 4/5


Jink is +2 to armour save but -1 to hit with weapons. People inside unaffected.

Shadow field is +1 to armour save.
Flickerfields is 5++ still.
Dark eldar vehicles come with a 4+ armour save.
Raider has 10 wounds, venom has 6.

Huh, ok, this could be interesting. Firstly the jink rule, as that could very well be a game breaker. Only a -1 to hit penalty is sweet and means things like land speeders etc wont have to worry too much about jinking to stay alive and not being useless for the next turn. Very good! Eldar and Dark eldar especially will love this. For dark eldar, this is a good reason to take a disintegrator at last! As for flyers, this is also awesome. It never made sense to me that a flyer would be affected by all the tactical evasive manouvres when most of todays modern aircraft attack using complex computers etc, would make sense that by the 41st millenium with slaved battle servitors and uber complex computers they could compensate for some wiggling in the air. 
The shadow field just seems amazing, whilst you cant boost your save beyond a 2+, this will come into affect against stuff such as lascannons where the rend is -3. Meaning the raider will still get a 4+ save overall if it jinks. Whilst not as good as it is today, its still something and with the increased survivability of vehicles no bad thing at all!

O, D and W.


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