Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition Rumours!

Saltometer: 4/5

Overview: Blast weapons will be d3 hits, large blasts d6 hits. D weapons replaced fully with 2d6 MORTAL wounds. Torrent is just increased range.

Tactica: An interesting lot this time. The blast weapon rule appears to be a bit of a nerf, I must admit. If you had any previous mechanic to move blast markers or not scatter (any result of a hit, HH phosphex weapons, ironfire rites of war etc) then this will hit your army hard unless you get the full 3  hits. Same goes for larger blasts which were more than capable of hitting plenty of people, 5 being quite easy. I can see this causing a decline of blast weapons, but the rise of flamer types. The torrent change is worse sadly, as free range to position the template was awesome and allowed you to cover a lot of models at once. More so than a simple d6 would often cover. However, once again, on units where they were able to only glance one or two models this is a huge boost, and when a unit rolls that magic 6, that torrent unit is going to dish out the hurt. I can see this being quite balanced with the change of rules for flamers, so whilst its not as effective as it was its still a great way of doing it. The last one is D weapons. DAYUM those rules look nasty... very very potent. Whilst not likely to one shot super heavies anymore, its certainly likely to simply eradicate anything it hits, as is very appropriate for a weapon of such caliber. And with 2d6, it means any 1 wound character is going to be insta-killed. D weapons were always scary, but this is a whole new level and VERY scary. Hopefully they will have a huge premium cost as this will mean so long as they hit they will ALWAYS damage, no more lucky escape rolls!

O, D and W.


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