Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition: Shooting Phase!

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Overview: Shooting is much the same, no shooting whilst running (now advancing) etc. However some new stuff is you cant shoot when within 1" of an opponent, Pistols can be shot in close combat (oh hell yeah). Moving with heavy weapons is now just a -1 to hit (including vehicles). Cover is now a bonus to armour saves.

Ok a few bits to get head round here! First of all, no shooting within 1" of an opponent. Theirs nothing to really talk about here. Its not game breaking and im pretty sure before now you couldn't move within an inch of an opponent anyway.
Pistols are a new thing, because the way its written is you get to both shoot with them whilst your in combat during the shooting phase AND then fight in close combat where they will likely continue to be an extra close combat weapon. Taking a close combat weapon and a pistol now is a very good idea, maybe dark eldar wyches are useful again!  I can see this being a devastatingly good ability, and should not be overlooked!
Moving with heavy weapons at only a -1 penalty is a huge buff. Until now all rules have effectively halted the idea of moving and shooting with heavy weapons, but this means its only a slight penalty. This means the original loadout of missile launcher and flamer for marines just got a whole lot better! A big note here is it also affects vehicles. Whilst we do not know to the extent, this could be big, as lower bs vehicles like those in the guard will have to remain still to maintain usefulness (unless leman russes get some form of stable platform rule) and orks will be even worse at shooting! Hopefully, things such as walkers where the fluff states they are stable moving firing platforms will not suffer from this.
Cover becoming a bonus to save is a VERY powerful rule, and very thematic. Powerful weapons that can blast a tank to pieces might harmlessly bounce of that razorwire.... Thankfully thats gone, and now powerful weapons can blast right through cover. We imagine that a save will still not be able to be improved beyond a 2+, but that the bonus for being in cover will work against the rend mechanic. This makes cover a very useful thing, and makes jink saves etc even better. That flying daemon prince of nurgle is now going to be one hell of a beast to put down! I can see this being a huge boost to armies like imperial fists, and especially guard, and will shape future games. Guard being able to achieve a legendary 3+ or even 2+ if behind an aegis wall or trench line against small arms fire, allowing them to outsurvive tau without a tidewall, is an incredible thing.
Expect a new form of stronghold assault supplement to come to the fore very quickly.

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