Warhammer 40k 8th Edition, Vehicles!

Saltometer: Again, not needed for this!


Overview: Yes, back to profiles but this time vehicles. It can be summed up with only one line. Vehicles will have wounds and armour saves. It also looks like they will progressively get worse the more damaged they get. An example given was a dreadnought.

Tactica: Oh boy, this is an interesting one. First up, we do know in advance that weapons now do a random damage. Some of the heaviest weapons do d6 wounds. So from the get go this sounds scary, HOWEVER, is it? Doing a quick math-hammer, it takes 3x direct hits that both wound and get through any saves available from a lascannon to kill it. (2x dice average is 7, with the dread having 8 wounds a further would be needed). It also means it wont be able to be one shot anymore. So if anything, vehicles got more survivable. But here we have some speculation. At current we do not know if vehicles can be immobilized anymore or anything of that kind, with a vehicle damage chart gone. Whilst it would make sense that the more damage it takes the more effects are piled on, we cant rule out that actually nothing will happen. So straight up, vehicles are in general a bit better now. Especially with saves. a -3 to saves from a lascannon still means a vehicle with a 3+ save like the dreadnought gets a 6+. Its not much, but its still something! Especially if wound multipliers are done before the roll is taken, giving more opportunities to save!
Dark eldar and the like are rejoicing, as our very fragile weapons look lot less likely to kill. Again, this is just guess work but if open topped etc just effect armour saves (and with cover saves now adding to armour saves and dark eldar being very good at piling on cover saves (again this is if we carry on like current rules)) then dark eldar vehicles are now very survivable, a great position to be in!
A good side note here, is off the bat forge world vehicles will have rules too ;)
Now, we dont know rules for super heavies yet, but its stated they will get there own rules on top. But looking at how survivable a mere dreadnought is, i can see super heavies maintaining that and being very difficult to take down. However, without anything to base this on, the current rules applied to them make them worse (originally only d3 hull points were removed when hit by a explodes result, but now d6 can be).
Also, flyers are also now getting a benefit as it is less likely to be one shot from the skies, meaning they will actually be very likely to get at least one turn in before they get shot out of the skies.

All in all, very positive, and very very good for vehicle based armies!
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