Warhammer 40k 8th Edition, Weapons!

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Weapons can inflict multiple wounds, and instead of an ap system it now has a rend system, similar to 2nd edition. Templates are all gone, with flamers automatically inflicting d6 hits.

Ok, so we briefly touched upon this in vehicles tactica, but lets approach it fully here. Weapon damage is a big deal. Previous melee beatsticks are now MUCH nastier, and challenges and combats between such beasts will likely be much quicker and much more divisive than before. IF we get the same rules for challenges, and wounds overspill, this means that a super melee character such as guilliman could easily kill a single hit allowing more attacks to overspill into a unit, more likely causing a horrific failure of a morale test and devastation. It also means its likely (though not confirmed) instant death is gone, meaning such big beatsticks are likely harder to kill than ever, with a random result of damage being rolled rather than an outright instant death hit.
The rend mechanic is an interesting one, as even a lascannon now gives an armour save to marines. It means weapons like power swords that were suddenly useless against anything with a 2+ will now be given a decent chance to actually get through that armour, just as it is in fluff. Personally happy with this, and not much to discuss, but means paying for power weapons is now a much more viable option, but also to remember that armour now actually saves things. Its a fine balancing act, whilst before a terminator could almost ignore power swords, but now they have to fear it. But on the other side, things that would straight up punch through terminator armour will now give a save, which when combined with cover, adds to their survivability.
Finally, flamers. Oh boy, now this is really interesting. A total change and one hell of a good one. Ok, it balances out slightly that you could fluff your roll and be mainly aiming at the sky, but on a good roll you are going to decimate units. Looking at how flamers were already nasty in overwatch, and then essentially doubling that output, it looks very scary. Tactically not much to say here, they are simply better. Very curious for torrent (though likely this just means more range and is sligthtly worse as originally you could then bend the template to hit more models but probably a good balance as low ap torrent weapons were rather insane) and blast weapons. But at current we dont know whats going on there.

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Blast weapons are d3 hits, large blast is d6 hits.

I see this as a hefty nerf to the weapons, and the rumours came from 4chan, so not to be wholly believed. But again, it would kind of make sense. I believe it will be a nerf, and will see a big decrease in the amount of blast weapons, even those fire multiple blasts like thunderfire cannons, but in some instances (looking at you phosphex) this would be a good balancing act.

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