Welcome to Salty Wargaming! The newest and most in depth rumour-site out there! Whilst we may not be the fastest on top of the new rumours, we will apply our own special brand of reviews.

First up is the Saltometer, this will be the level of which we believe the accuracy of the rumour to be. This will be gauged on other rumours, the source and whether or not it makes sense. Whilst we will post almost every rumour that comes our way, shady or not, this will keep it unique.

Next is the overview. This will be the general overview of the rumour. Not just the quote itself but an overview of what it means in context.

Finally is the tactica. An in depth look as to what it means for you gamers and players out there.

We look forward to welcoming you to our page, and right when warhammer 40k 8th edition is about to drop, time to do some catch up, starting on 8th rumours!

O, D and W.


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